Mermaid costumes are the order of the day. This year, the mermaid costume is announced as one of the favorites for Halloween and Carnival.

Find your mermaid costume in our well-kept catalog with offers on costumes of all sizes and for all pockets. Choose from our wide range a mermaid costume with a skirt, with pants, for women, for girls, with sequins or with a sexy and daring top.

Leg Avenue Mermaid Pearl Starfish Headband

Leg Avenue Mermaid Pearl Starfish Headband




Jescakoo Women Sleeveless Halter V-Neck Shinny Mermaid

Jescakoo Women Sleeveless Halter V-Neck Shinny Mermaid




California Costumes Women's Mythic Mermaid

California Costumes Women’s Mythic Mermaid


$29.99 – $52.30


Forplay Women's High-Waisted Mermaid Skirt with Hologram Finish

Forplay Women’s High-Waisted Mermaid Skirt with Hologram Finish


$32.87 – $81.00


Rachel Charm Women's Mermaid Costume Lingerie Halloween Cosplay Fancy

Rachel Charm Women’s Mermaid Costume Lingerie Halloween Cosplay Fancy


$13.98 – $17.98


Party King Adult Sweet Mermaid Sexy Costume

Party King Adult Sweet Mermaid Sexy Costume


$29.00 – $65.28


Leg Avenue Womens 2 Pc Sexy Seashell Mermaid Costume

Leg Avenue Women’s 2 Pc Sexy Seashell Mermaid Costume


$33.85 – $134.88


Mermaid Costume Woman

Any occasion is good to dress as mermaids and enjoy being the most beautiful. Birthday party, bachelorette parties, pajama party or as a surprise for that special friend.

Children’s Mermaid Costume

Buying a mermaid costume for a girl is an excellent option to dress up for carnival, Halloween, costume party, birthday or pajama party. They love it and the makeup and accessories options are endless and playful.

Baby Mermaid Costume

It may be an excellent idea for our baby’s first photographic report. The whole family is going to melt in love with these mermaid costumes for the little ones in the house. Find your favorite costume at very affordable prices.

How to Make a Homemade Mermaid Costume

To make a homemade mermaid costume you can opt for a tight body, a word of honor top or even a pretty bra that you can decorate with glitter or beach shells. You can also cut some shells out of cardboard and glue them to the bra.

For the bottom of our homemade mermaid costume, we can decorate some old leggins by drawing scales and adding glitter.

We can also take advantage of a tube skirt and use a piece of cloth to make a good asymmetrical steering wheel in the back, imitating the famous mermaid’s tail.

If you want to make a homemade children’s mermaid costume, the above applies. You can use an old t-shirt and decorate with glitter or if it is not too cold, a swimsuit and the bottom with a long skirt and our mermaid tail steering wheel.

Or if you prefer you can buy a cheap mermaid costume in our Online Shop. We have the best prices with quick delivery and all exchange and return facilities.

Why buy a mermaid costume?

mermaid costumes are very peculiar and most are very sexy, if you want to feel like a mermaid this is a very good choice.
We recommend this catalogs with the best costumes are amazon so you can feel more mermaid and that you can use on many occasions.
As you can see in the products listed there are different types of costumes, to for Halloween, for birthday parties, for adult parties and more…
we recommend that you check the mermaid tails on our site to complete your costume or jewelry also you can also make up with mermaid items that go very well with these costumes

Buy a cheap mermaid costume

In our Mermaid Shop, we have everything you need to find your cheap mermaid costume and complement it at the best price with jewelry and mermaid makeup. Check out the earrings, bracelets, pendants and mermaid rings.

Complement your mermaid costume with careful mermaid makeup, add glitter and crystal decoration on face and body to get a nice, bold mermaid look.

Ready to be the most beautiful at the party? Take advantage of our prices in mermaid costumes and complements and complete your look for very little.

Why disguise yourself as a mermaid?

Mermaids are a mythological being that generates a lot of interest and intrigue in people and by them also attracts the attention of people.

If you are not interested in the attention of people does not matter, feel Mermaid is a unique experience, as you can see you have several videos of very happy people disguised as Mermaids.

Where I can buy a mermaid costume?

Here they are in front of you, but you don’t see them, aah, that you don’t like them? because you have many more …

you can buy them in physical stores but I do not think they have all the catalog you can find online, I recommend you check the link I left that sends to Amazon where you can find many and in the list above you have the most sold and acclaimed.

I hope you find one that you like and buy it so you can disguise yourself as a mermaid. if you are not convinced any here you have more categories where you will find items for mermaids.


I hope you find the costume you’re looking for in our mermaid store and remember even if you don’t disguise yourself, be a mermaid.

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