You have found the perfect mermaid shop, look no further, here you will find the products you need to be a real Mermaid. Mermaids are mythological beings who made pirates and sailors fall in love with their songs, but we are more interested in modern mermaids. Because thanks to the products that you will find on this mermaid shop you will be a Mermaid of this epoch and you will be able to show off your outfit to your friends.


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What’s a mermaid

Mermaids (in ancient Greek: Σειρήν Seirến, ‘those who bind/chain‘, perhaps related to the Semitic Sir, ‘song‘, and to the Greek Kimaira, ‘chimera’) are mythological sea creatures belonging to legends and folklore.

Mermaids are marine maidens that deceive navigators with their great beauty and the sweetness of their song; from the head to the navel they have the body of a virgin and form similar to that of humankind, but they possess a scaly fish tail, which they always hide in the sea.

In the Middle East: The first known stories about Mermaids appeared in Assyria, before 1000 BC. The fact of representing them with half a fish body is due to the legend referred to by Diodorus Siculus in which Dercet offended Venus and then the goddess inspired him to love a shepherd. From this love was born a little girl, Semiramis, who would become queen of Babylon.

After her daughter was born, also by Venus, love ended. Derceto, full of anger, abandoned his daughter, had the man she had loved killed and threw herself into the water willing to commit suicide, which the gods did not allow.

Thus he gave rise to his amphibious morphology. This goddess Derceto is very similar to the figure of Atargatis, the Syrian goddess in the form of a mermaid to whom the fish were consecrated.

The goddess was worshipped in temples where there were large ponds, and since she was the deity who ruled the seas, her priests used to sell fishing licenses to sailors.

Like being a mermaid

Mermaid is born and mythology said that a woman turned into a mermaid could only occur if she wanted it with all her strength.

But unfortunately to be a real mermaid is something impossible but you can resemble them as much as possible, with our products. You can swim like them, have a tail like them, even have objects that they have.

For example, if you want to swim like a mermaid in our category of tails for swimming we have tails of Mermaids incredible and very good price. There are also sets of bathing suits that would wear a Mermaid and sure to put it on you feel more Mermaid.

Why make mermaid Gifts

Mermaids are very well known all over the world and many people like us like to give away any article on this page that is related to 200% of the mermaids and their world can make the people who receive the gift very happy.

Where do the Mermaids live

You really don’t know where the Mermaids live, because where there are things they like and how this page is full here… I’m kidding. The Mermaids live in the ocean/sea and the legends say that they can come to the surface for a limited time, also they like to swim in the water so when they come to the surface is for a short time.

They say that under the sea they have huge and incredible populations full of Mermaids and that they feel so good there that they don’t need to climb to the surface at all.

What do Mermaids eat

Humans, no, that’s a joke. There are stories that say that if they ate pirates and bad people after falling in love with their songs, but if they only ate that they would die of hunger.

The most sensible thing is that they eat everything they can find under the sea, seaweed fish, mollusks.

I imagine that there will also be vegan Mermaids and that they will only eat seaweed and beautiful things underwater. Surely from time to time, some mermaid princess comes to the surface to eat a hamburger 😉

How do Mermaids Sing

The song of Mermaids is magical, tell legends that can fall in love with anyone just by listening to it.

His song people who have been lucky enough to hear it is very melodic and is heard for miles, also the creatures of the ocean also hear and returned with them.

The Mermaids sing very well and for many reasons, unfortunately, many times they sing because they feel lonely and want to meet someone.

How to live like a mermaid

You want to live like a mermaid, easily learn to swim like one of them, dress like one of them, feel like one of them. As easy as that a mermaid is only a mermaid if she feels like a mermaid, you can also feel like a mermaid.

Decorate your house like a mermaid and with mermaids and so it will be easier to live as one of them and who knows maybe you are already one 😉


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